About the Walking Dinner


All the guests start the evening at 6pm at the house of a host/hostess for some drinks and nibbles together with 20-25 other guests. Here they will receive instructions about the evening and their Walking Dinner route (there are three addresses to visit). At 7pm you will all leave for your first course, which starts at 7.15pm. At 8pm you will have to leave to your second address for your main course. At 9.30pm you will be expected to leave to your last address where desert will be served. The evening will end ‘gezellig’ in one of the bars in our neighbourhood, where all guests will come together.

The Walking Dinner needs of course many enthusiastic guests, chefs and hosts to make this evening a great success. Below you will find some information about the various roles.


The chefs will cook their 3 course meal in their own kitchen. At every course a new group of guests will arrive and join you at the dinner table. You can choose how many people you would like to cook for. Average groups are 6-8 people, but more or less people is of course possible as well. Chefs will join their guests at the table. Chefs will receive compensation for ingredients and free wine per guest.

We also give the opportunity to chefs to only prepare 1 or 2 courses. We will try our best to match you with other chefs.


Guests will receive their itinerary at the start of the evening at the kick-off address. Guests can participate individually or as a couple. Guests pay €37,50 per person. If you would like to join, please keep an eye on our website.


The host/hostess will open the house at 6pm to start the evening. At every address 20 to 25 guests will gather for some nibbles and drinks. A Walking Dinner team member will be present to hand out the personal itineraries to the guests and answer questions. The host/hostess also participates in the dinner as a guest and will leave at 7pm with the other guests for their first course. The Walking Dinner team will help organize drinks and nibbles.


Registration is open now! You can register as guest, as chefhost and/or part-time chef. For the registration as host and part-time chef you will use the  same registration as guests.